Welcome to Hanford Yoga & Pilates. It's our 20-Year Anniversary!!

I love this place...

It attracts the nicest people.  People who are kind to themselves, which translates beautifully to our outer world.  Within the walls of this studio is a safe space for both a beginner and a seasoned practitioner.  Its a place where you can connect with yourself on an entirely different level.  It doesn't matter if you're in a good mood, broken hearted or filled to the brim with happiness.  It's simply your own personal space to experience yourself where you are in the moment.  It's the place where your breath and your body create a deeper, more authentic relationship with yourself.

People show up to Yoga and Pilates for certain objectives.  Yet, the objectives generally boil down to the same for each of us:  We want to feel better.

Using the links at the top of this page, you can find our schedules, rates, photo gallery and a little bit about our teachers.

We are located in Historical China Alley, just three blocks West of 10th Avenue on the corner of Green and Seventh Street and right next door to L T Sue Tea Room (Yum!)

Treat yourself to a better feeling YOU!



559-816-4907 - YOGA - Jill Huddleston

559-212-5050 - PILATES - Jill Knick

559-362-5228 - PRENATAL YOGA - Claire Fitiausi



406 E Seventh Street, Hanford, California 93230