Our Teachers

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Christy Camara

After over a decade of retail pharmacy as a technician, she transitioned to the beauty industry as a manicurist. Christy’s need to continually learn, grow, and help others led her to a search for more. Stress and anxiety led her to practice yoga. Once she began practicing yoga regularly, Christy realized she wanted to strengthen her practice and further her education by completing a Yoga Alliance 200 hour teacher training.

Christy loves enjoying the benefits yoga has had on her life, even more she loves sharing the benefits of yoga with others.

Christy is proud to be the new owner of Hanford Yoga & Pilates as of January 1, 2019.

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Jill Huddleston

Jill Huddleston owned and operated Hanford Yoga from 1998 until 2018. She truly believes in the transformative and healing powers of yoga. Her innate ability to intuit what her students need in a class keeps all of her classes fresh and constantly evolving. With over 33 years of practicing and teaching yoga, she is eternally grateful to be able to share her knowledge with this wonderful community of individuals looking to simply feel better emotionally, physically and mentally. Her teaching style is light-hearted, playful and informative, which is the perfect recipe for an enjoyable class.

Jill has recently fell in love with the OOV! She has trained with Ada Wells PT, PMA-CPT at ProBalance Physical Therapy in Alameda, CA and is excited to share the benefits that an OOV class can have on your body.

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Jill Knick PT, DPT,  PMA®-CPT

It is my pleasure to introduce to you, Jill Knick who owns and operates the Pilates program at our studio. She is a certified Pilates teacher and licensed physical therapist.

Jill began her Pilates journey over 6 years ago when she stumbled across a mat class that a friend had invited her to attend. Almost immediately she was drawn to the entirety of the Pilates approach. The focus on quality of movement and integrating the whole body in each exercise lined up almost exactly with the way she approached her physical therapy practice. It was very clear that Pilates had the potential to benefit not only herself, but also her patients. Within that same year, she went on to complete a 450 hour comprehensive rehabilitation program with Polestar Pilates in 2012 and later became a certified teacher through the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA®-CPT). She also holds her Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy, graduating from the University of North Dakota in 2007.

She believes in treating each client as a whole person. With her rehab background and experience, she has developed a keen eye for identifying inefficient movement patterns and addressing imbalances. But that is just one aspect, connecting the mind to the body is where it all really begins. Discovering Pilates was just the beginning and has impacted her life in ways she never could have imagined as she walked in to that first mat class. She is passionate in paying that forward to each of her clients.


Shanon Lopez

Shanon’s love for yoga started at our very own Hanford Yoga about 18 years ago. The art and flow of yoga just seemed to come naturally to her. Life took over the way it does sometimes and she put her love of yoga on hold until an injury stopped her from working. When she heard that she could have a chance to teach others about yoga and share the benefits of the practice, she jumped at the chance. Shanon is a 200 hour RYT through Yoga Alliance and a diligent instructor at Hanford Yoga & Pilates.

Shanon has a great connection with beginner yogis, focusing on modifications to fit each individual’s needs. She loves restorative yoga and encourages everyone to try it!


Claire Fitiausi

Claire Fitiausi began practicing yoga in 2002 while recovering from a work injury, which required her to learn how to modify many of the poses to suit her abilities. In 2003 she was asked to "teach" a yoga class for vacationing studio owner Jill Huddleston and she jumped at the chance. Upon Jill's return, Claire joined an active Teacher Training program between Hanford Yoga and Valley Yoga in Visalia.  In 2004, Claire had the opportunity to take over the Prenatal Program at Hanford Yoga and immediately signed up and completed Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training at the Iyengar Institute in San Francisco with Yoga Journal founder Judith Hanson Lasater.  Claire loves being able to help pregnant women learn the best ways to adjust their movements during pregnancy to allow their bodies to feel as good as possible as they grow their babies and their bodies change with their pregnancy. 

In addition to Prenatal Yoga, Claire taught a very popular Gentle Yoga class for two years, and a life skills yoga class for homeless people at the Oak Wellness Center through a Kings County program for over two years. Claire currently enjoys teaching a weekly Senior Chair Yoga class at the Remington Retirement Home, and has done so for the last four years.

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Katie Morrison

When Katie began her personal Pilates practice in 2009, she was
attracted to the total mind/body focus that the exercises demanded. In
2013, she suffered a hip injury after giving birth to her third child
and used Pilates and physical therapy to rehabilitate her hip. Now, as
a mother of 3, she uses Pilates as an avenue to a clear mind and a
healthy body.

After many years of practice, she ultimately decided to take it to the
next level and is currently in the process of completing the Pilates
Comprehensive Teacher Training Program with Balanced Body. She is a
delight to have in the studio and we look forward to watching her grow
as an instructor.