The OOV…the next best Pain Reliever!

A device like the OOV is a proactive approach to movement quality. Pain over time has the potential to produce compensations in how we move. These compensation patterns can become cumulative and create wear and tear associated with aging and pain. Even with existing degeneration in joints and discs, when we optimize HOW we move the improved dynamic alignment allows the body to perform more efficiently, with less destructional forces and often with less pain.

By design, the OOV was created to improve stability, mobility, core strengthening, balance and effective motor control. Through the process of Low Threshold, Slow Movement Training, strength, speed, power and agility are more effectively achieved.

The OOV was originally marketed as a medical device to be used by physical therapists and Pilates instructors. Now, Hanford Yoga and Pilates is one of the few studios throughout the country to offer group OOV classes!

So, whether you are an athlete sitting on the side lines waiting for your nagging injuries to go away, or just tired of being a couch potato, you may want to address your movement quality. Even after one OOV class, you may be surprised just how AMAZING you’ll feel.